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Aardvark Clothing at woodwork workshop

On a cold Sunday morning in Walthamstow, Aardvark Clothing took part in Blackhorse Workshop’s Women Only Woodwork Induction workshop. We had booked ourselves into their short course in an attempt to learn a new skill or two.

A small group of women watched and listened to the experienced Christina guide us through how to use the chopsaw, bandsaw, pillar drill and disc sander. We then found our own piece of wood, dust mask and headgear and used each machine to experiment, albeit carefully, on these impressive machines.

Feeling a bit intimidated at first, the other women encouraged and supported each other and our confidence grew as we watched each other chop, shape and cut. Our favourite was the pillar drill, as it made some fabulous round holes in the middle of the wood. Closely followed by the impressively huge disc sander which quickly changed the corners into some pretty smooth shapes.

If you are London based, the workshop is offering some great courses this year. From beginners to experienced practitioners, Blackhorse Workshop has got it covered.

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